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The Associate Incubatee Program (AIP) at Venture Center is tailored for entrepreneurial science-based companies not physically located on our premises.

Membership Criteria and Eligibility

Venture Center is selective in admitting members into its Associate Incubatee Program. Venture Center strives to ensure that any member of the Associate Incubatee Program is associated with being a science-led entrepreneurial company with high ethical standards that has access to quality services, relevant resources and rich networks. In this context, eligibility criteria include:

Selective Admission Criteria

  • Start-ups, individuals, and existing organizations planning a new venture are eligible.

  • Social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations are also eligible.

  • Business must be research-based, aligning with the NCL Innovation Park's "innovation" theme.

  • Considerations include EHS and ethical factors, and the company should be relatively early stage.

  • Ineligibility for Residents:

    • The program is not available to resident incubatees.

  • Tax and Funding Considerations:

    • Members do not qualify for service tax benefits or government concessions for resident incubate companies.

    • Funding programs may be reserved for resident incubatees, and participation for Associate Incubatee Program (AIP) members is subject to the decision of Scheme Managers and the Investment Committee.

An applicant can become an Associate Incubatee by enrolling for any one of the programs below

1. Eklavya

Program for Advisory and Mentor Support with Library and IP Services membership.

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2. Include Program

INCLUDE is Venture Center's social enterprise program, done in collaboration with CSIR-NCL and CSIR-800. Social Enterprises, as per Venture Center, are companies addressing societal needs, particularly for underserved populations. They emphasize financial sustainability with a for-profit orientation, garnering support from investors and stakeholders due to their social impact. The program also aligns with inclusive innovation, promoting technologies that achieve 'More from Less for More' coined by Dr. RA Mashelkar."

INCLUDE members can avail of the Eklavya Service, along with discounts on infrastructural support and scientific facilities.

Additionally applicants can also become an associate incubate by availing Address Service i.e. Enterprises can use "NCL Innovation Park address". This includes Postal address, mailbox, email intimation and basic reception services. This service is at the discretion of the COO. 

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