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Our Startups

Venture Center has supported 650+ entrepreneurs till date, with over 70+ resident incubatees physically incubated within the NCL innovation park.

Our startups are working on path breaking, first-of-its-kind technology innovations, and we are thrilled to be backing some of the most promising innovations and startups of the future.

Over 50% of our startups are working on health technologies, 16% startups are working on clean tech, environment, and sustainability solutions, with 14% of our startups working in the agriculture sector.

Over 75 of our startup products and services have already been launched and are in the market.

Cellom Biologicals (2023)

Founded by: Avinash Sanap

Novel bio-therapeutics which include cell-based therapies, biologics, therapeutic proteins, antibodies, cytokines, chemokines, and exosomes.

Anatomech (2020)

Founded by: Divyakshi Kaushik

Innovative healthcare wearable technology for easier rehabilitation and therapy, for patients recovering from strenuous physical activities, serious injury or surgery. Their current product portfolio includes compression socks anda daily wear, portable sleeve for patients of lymphedema.

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Sprih Labs (2019)

Founded by: Akash Keshav Rohit Toshniwal

Reshaping corporate environmental sustainability with an advanced SaaS platform, aimed at guiding businesses to carbon neutrality with ease and efficiency. The solution simplifies the complex task of measuring, benchmarking, and reporting emissions across various scopes

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SNRAS Systems (2019)

Founded by: Suvo Sircar

Engineering solutions for the aquaculture and fisheries sector. They have pioneered the nano aquaculture systems - Bluebox which is a power efficient single unit recirculatory aquaculture systems for indoor fish farming, for even small farmers.

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Intignus Bio (2018)

Founded by: Vaishnavi Kulkarni

Simple and accessible solutions for mother and child healthcare, specializing in preeclampsia screening and detection. The screening test can predict development of preeclampsia in the upcoming weeks of gestation based on the levels of a preeclampsia specific biomarker

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KBCols Sciences (2018)

Founded by: Vaishali Kulkarni Arjun Bajwa

KBCols Sciences is a technology driven startup in the field of Bioprocess Technology working on industrially important pigments and bioactive compounds. By replacing harmful synthetic colourants, KBCols not only helps improve responsible production of coloured products but also contributes to preventing severe diseases amongst workers within colour using industries

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CyGenica (2017)

Founded by: Nusrat Sanghamitra

Safe, targeted and affordable intracellular delivery of therapeutics for cancer and rare diseases.The company uses a non-viral, non-toxic platform to develop in vitro and in vivo delivery solutions for drugs, gene editing components, and antibiotics.

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Serigen Mediproducts (2015)

Founded by: Anuya Nisal Swati Shukla Premnath V

Company leverages the unique properties of silk to develop a wide range of medical devices. serioss manufactured by the company is a bone void filler used for filling large defects caused due to trauma, infection and cancer. Similarly, Serimat is a synthetic affordable matrix supporting tissue regeneration in breast reconstruction surgery. Another solution known as Seriderm is a non-adherent absorbent wound dressing that accelerates healing of exuding wounds

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