Venture Center

Venture Center offers two distinct pre-incubation programs – Ignition and Kickstart, each tailored to nurture and advance technology projects with the potential for independent startup ventures.

The goal is to mitigate uncertainties, de-risk technology, and fill critical gaps, paving the way for successful new ventures.

Membership Criteria & Eligibility

  • Early-stage technology projects with substantial commercial potential.

  • Preferably with provisional patents already filed.

  • Category 1 (Pre-Incorporation):

    • Clear commitment to creating a startup if Ignition yields positive results.

    • Key team member committed to venture creation.

    • No existing company.

  • Category 2 (Young Start-ups):

    • Less than 3 years old.

    • Technology-focused and knowledge-intensive.

Choosing between Ignition and Kickstart depends on your project's stage and specific needs. Ignition focuses on technology readiness, while Kickstart emphasizes business planning and market entry. 

Go through the key activities of each program to evaluate your eligibility and project goals to make an informed decision for a successful pre-incubation journey with Venture Center.

Key Activities During the Program

  • Technology/IPR assessment and strategy.

  • Value proposition sharpening and target application identification.

  • Definition of proof-of-concept studies.

  • Assistance in raising funding for POC studies.

  • Mentorship for business planning.

  • Collaboration with technology providers and market experts.

  • Soft pitching to potential investors.

  • Relevant activities from the Ignition program.


The Ignition program was announced and initiated by Venture Center on 1 July 2012 and Kick-Start on 27 September 2014.


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