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Social Innovations

Venture Center is committed to Social innovation and entrepreneurship. It actively nucleates and nurtures enterprises that:

  • Focus on solving socially important problems
  • Build sustainable entities (for profit or not-for-profit) to deliver the solutions to society

If you are an innovator and/or entrepreneur committed to creating a business around solutions for societal problems, contact us.

Focus areas at Venture Center:

  • Affordable Health and Nutrition
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Empowering farmers
  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable resource utilization, environment and circular economy
  • Water, sanitation, hygiene
  • Any other sectors that can levarage Venture Center’s innovation ecosystem

Core Team:       Mugdha Lele          Amruta Gore

Advisors:            V Premnath            Manisha Premnath


Team @ Venture Center :   More  here