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Partner with Venture Center for Your CSR Initiatives


As per Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, large companies are expected to spend 2% of the average net profits towards Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

By partnering with Venture Center, your company doesn't just fulfill its CSR obligations — it becomes part of a thriving ecosystem that promotes innovation. At Venture Center, we specialize in turning scientific and technological advancements into viable, impact-driven enterprises, and collaborating with us allows you to leverage Venture Center's expertise and networks to amplify your CSR efforts.

Venture Center (officially, Entrepreneurship Development Center) is a non-profit technology business incubator located within an academic organization which is approved by the Central Government and hence eligible under Section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013. (see item (ix) under Schedule VII)

How can you get started?

We have a wide range of partnership options for you to choose from. The Venture Center team shall be happy to work with you to detail out the CSR project plan to meet the objectives of both your company and Venture Center.

Contact Venture Center to discuss and plan your CSR projects. We shall be happy to discuss over telecon or via in-person meetings. Please reach out to us at the contact information provided below:

Kindly inform us of the priorities listed in your company's CSR Policy. If you are still finalizing your CSR Policy, please consider including the following objectives in your CSR policy:

  1. Support the development and incubation of new and innovative technologies at technology incubators within academic organizations

  2. Support entrepreneurship skills development especially for technology incubation/advancement via inventive entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

  3. Support public libraries focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

  4. Support the creation of specialized facilities for technology incubation and thus enhance the innovation eco-system in academic organization


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