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A wide range of services are available to support innovators in protecting their intellectual property (IP) and managing agreements.

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IP Services

  • Advisory and Decision Support: Expert guidance to help navigate IP-related decisions.

  • Drafting: Professional drafting of IP documents to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • Filing and Prosecution: Assistance with filing, prosecution, registration, and responding to office actions.

  • Reports, Analytics, and Opinions: Detailed reports, data analytics, and expert opinions to support your IP strategy.


  • JIAA, CDA/NDA: Drafting and management of key agreements including Joint IP Agreement Assignments (JIAA) and Confidential Disclosure Agreements/Non-Disclosure Agreements (CDA/NDA).

Educational Services

  • Workshops and Training at Client Site: Customized workshops and training sessions conducted at your location. For more details, refer to the Policy on Workshops at Client Site.

  • Talks and Seminars: Engaging talks and seminars to raise awareness and sensitize teams about IP.

  • Ideation and Market-Driven Technology Workshops: Interactive workshops on ideation, need definition, design thinking, conceptualizing market-driven technology ideas, and evaluating commercializable R&D. These sessions also focus on molding applied research towards product development and market requirements.

These services are dedicated to empowering innovators with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect and leverage their intellectual property effectively.

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