Welcome to Venture Center’s Collaboration with BFI-BIOME

A collaborative effort aims to accelerate the journey of healthcare innovators, fostering impactful solutions and facilitating their progression to the next technology readiness levels.

Venture Center and Blockchain for Impact partner through its BFI Biome Program to help strengthen the health tech innovations ecosystem in India with a special focus on ideas and innovators with significant potential for social impact. India holds the promise of creating solutions for pressing healthcare problems not only for itself but also for the majority of the world. That is an opportunity which both Venture Center and BFI value!

Programs for Healthcare Innovators​

BFI-BIOME Fellowships at Venture Center

BFI-BIOME Kickstarters at Venture Center

BFI-BIOME Workshops at Venture Center

The focus of the BFI-BIOME Fellowships is to create a cohort of enterprising innovation fellows who are keen to work on building solutions for important healthcare problems. Through these efforts, one can create a pool of ideas, innovators and technology options that can be further advanced in follow-on efforts. 

The focus of the  BFI-BIOME Kickstarter Initiative aims to run technology advancement/ de-risking and piloting activities of selected health care startups including engaging consultants as may be required to undertake the above mentioned activities.

The BFI-BIOME and Venture Center Collaboration on Health Tech Innovation envisages organising stimulating and thought provoking workshops and stakeholders meetings that shall help initiate discussions on important public health needs, develop consensus, define problems, formulate ideas and action plans, provide networking opportunities and forge partnerships of solvers and seed collaborative projects.

Blockchain For Impact and Venture Center

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