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Social entrepreneurship


The program aims to support and nurture entrepreneurial science-based companies with advice and referrals, service offerings, access to resources, for networking and visibility.


  • Services: Advisory Service, permission to use Associate Incubatee Logo ( for start-ups that are not resident in NCL Innovation Park) , VC library membership, institutional membership of IPFACE.

  • This service provides automatic enrollment into Associate Incubatee Program of Venture Center. An Associate Incubatee shall become a brand conveying a spirit of "Scientific Innovation" and a company that brings high ethical standards and has access to quality services, relevant resources and rich networks. Start-ups that are not resident in NCL Innovation Park will get an opportunity to use the associated brand value.

  • Members of INCLUDE can avail of the Eklavya Service.

  • Discounts available on infrastructural support & scientific facilities.


  • Members receive 5 free monthly advisory hours, specialized in areas like fundraising, business planning, and bio-tech referrals, with a 20% discount on additional services, plus facilitated connections to opportunities

  • Gain visibility through logo usage, membership declaration, and listing on Venture Center's website as Associate Incubatee Program members

  • Discounted access to our infra support, scientific and analytical services

  • Institutional memberships to the Venture Center library and our IP services


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