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About CanDid:   

CanDid is the first-of-its-kind compilation of the human stories of grit, perseverance and determination of 15 of India’s upcoming science based entrepreneurs who have ventured beyond conventional pathways to bring their ideas to life.
Nurtured at Venture Center, these entrepreneurs share their triumphs and relatable struggles through real life instances, proving that with passion, perseverance, and the right support, turning ideas into reality is within reach.

What's Unique About CanDid ?   

CanDid is not merely a guide on the dos and don'ts of business. It is a unique collection of real entrepreneurial journeys, packed with learnings and insights from firsthand experiences, failures, and successes. 

CanDid offers not just motivation but a deep understanding of what it takes to bring an idea to fruition in the deeptech sector. The book features an exciting blend of academic backgrounds, industry segments, and gender representation, proving that each entrepreneur's journey is as unique as the solutions they're working on.

Stories featured in CanDid:  

In "CanDid," you can read about the extraordinary journeys of:

(1) Aditya Ingalhalikar, PhD from Indius Medical Solutions
(2) Ajinkya Dhariya from Padcare
(3) Anuya Nisal and Swati Shukla from Serigen Mediproducts
(4) Ashish Gawade and Aniruddha Atre from Jeevtronics
(5) Jayant Khandare and Aravindan Vasudevan from Actorius Innovations
(6) Nitin Gupta from Flytbase
(7) Nuriel Pezarkar from NobleExchange
(8) Parul Ganju from Ahammune Biosciences
(9) Ravindra Patel from OmniBrx Biotechnologies
(10) Renuka Diwan from Bioprime Agrisolutions
(11) Shailendra Kawade from Mylab Discovery Solutions
(12) Tanuj Gigras from Nayam Innovations
(13) Vaishali Kulkarni and Arjun Bajwa from KBCols Sciences
(14) Vanita Prasad from REVY Environmental Solutions
(15) Vivek Ranade from Tridiagonal Solutions

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and gain insights into a nascent Indian deep-tech and science-based entrepreneurship ecosystem! 

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