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INCLUDE is Venture Center's program for supporting social enterprises in partnership with CSIR-NCL and the CSIR-800 program.

What is a Social Enterprise?  

  • Companies that aim to provide a solution to a significant problem or need of society and people at large especially under-served and under-privileged sections of the populations

  • Companies with a financially sustainable business model and/or a for-profit orientation (all though the profit targets may be muted).

  • Companies that benefit from good-will from investors (patient capital), funding agencies/ foundations/governments, employees, strategic partners, suppliers/customers etc due to the social goods & services that the company can deliver.

  • Companies pursuing an agenda of inclusive innovation. Supporting technologies/ innovations/ enterprises aiming to deliver significant social impact. MLM (coined by Dr RA Mashelkar) stands for "More from Less for More" highlighting the need for technologies that deliver more value from less resource for more people.

 Our philosophy


  • Eklavya Program including Associate Incubatee Program (AEdvisory, information, discounted services): Free

  • All services of Venture Center are available to the INCLUDE program members with a 25% discount

  • Invitation to networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, technologists/ inventors, investors etc


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