Venture Center

Venture Center presents two dynamic fellowship programs: the Social Innovation Immersion Program(SIIP) and the NIDHI-EIR Program.

SIIP focuses on sustainable ventures addressing societal issues, while the NIDHI-EIR(Entrepreneur in Residence) Program inspires entrepreneurs to transform knowledge-based ideas into successful startups, minimizing risks and fostering networking opportunities for aspiring innovators.
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    Social Innovation Immersion Program(SIIP)

    This program is supported by DBT-BIRAC, under the SPARSH (Social Innovation Programme for Products: Affordable & Relevant to Societal Health) scheme. This scheme highlights the need of innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. The scheme tackles major social issues and offers new ideas for wide-scale change.


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    NIDHI Entrepreneur-in- Residence (EIR)

    This program is supported by DST and it encourages enterprising individuals to venture out and pursue daring entrepreneurial ideas. This programme provides tremendous opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs to expand their networks and get critical feedback on their ventures in order to promote their entrepreneurial career goals and aspirations. 


  • BFI-BIOME Fellowship at Venture Center

    The focus of the BFI-BIOME Fellowships is to create and support a cohort of enterprising innovation fellows who are keen to work on building solutions for important healthcare problems. 

    BFI-BIOME Fellowship