Venture Center

Session on Systems Thinking: A Problem-Solving Approach

-- A Venture Center Library Event --

Systems Thinking aids businesses in solving complex problems with simple, long-term solutions by analyzing the intricate relationships within the business ecosystem. It is crucial in today's world where companies must consider financial success and their environmental and societal impact.  

The session will focus on -
  • Understanding Systems Thinking: Principles, emergence, relationships, patterns, and feedback loops; vs. linear thinking.

  • Holistic Decision-Making: Informed decisions by considering system-wide impacts; risks of isolated decisions.

  • Identifying Leverage Points: Strategic areas where small changes yield significant improvements.

  • Creating a Systems-Thinking Culture: Foster a culture of interconnectedness, learning, and adaptability; leadership's role; integrate economic, social, and environmental considerations.

 About the Speaker:

Dr. Sukanta Bhatt is the founder and director of Tisory Consulting, specializing in Systems Thinking for the engineering industry, with over thirty years of experience in software, e-R&D MedDev product innovation, and MCAD. He has played significant roles in multinational organizations, contributing to ten MedDev product innovations and excelling in various aspects of system engineering. Certified by MIT as a Systems Thinking practitioner, Dr. Bhatt has conducted numerous workshops and webinars for professionals.