Startup 101 : #3


Startup 101 : #3 | 21 August – 26 September 2020   

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Session No. Date Day Topic Speaker
1 21-Aug-20 Friday Welcome and Introduction to the program Premnath V
Ideation and need identification M V Shankar & Aditya Ingalhalikar
Problem mapping and stakeholder analysis Satyajit Majumdar
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2 20-Sep-20 Sunday Introduction to entrepreneurship
Step-by-step journey of a company launch
Financial simulation of a new venture; Cost structure
Essentials of technology strategy for startups
Premnath V 

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3 28-Aug-20 Friday Essentials of Law for Startups Vivek Sadhale
Essentials of Finance for Startup Entrepreneurs Sujata Bogawat
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4 29-Aug-20 Saturday Communication and presentation skills Vidya Moorthy
Managing HR in startups Protima Sharma
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5 04-Sep-20 Friday Introduction to Intellectual Property with emphasis on patents Ashutosh Prachand
In-licensing of technology Vidula Walimbe
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6 05-Sep-20 Saturday Value proposition Sundara Nagarajan
Technology de-risking and validation Priya Nagaraj
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7 11-Sep-20 Friday Funding landscape in India Priya Nagaraj
Best practices in grant writing Priya Nagaraj
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8 12-Sep-20 Saturday Preparing for raising investments, Understanding investment instruments and term sheets Sujata Bogawat
Business plan, Pitch deck, Pitching and communicating the opportunity Srikant Sastri
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9 18-Sep-20 Friday Essentials of marketing Ravi Sarangapani
Market research and Pricing Magesh Nandagopal
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10 19-Sep-20 Saturday Sales and distribution Kaushik Gala
Insights in selling science based products: Engaging with KOLs Sarika Phatak
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11 25-Sep-20 Friday Cofounders and team building Protima Sharma
Crucial conversations and negotiations Protima Sharma
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12 26-Sep-20 Saturday Networking Soma Chattopadhyay and Amol Sheogaonkar
Online marketing and Social Media Madhuri Bogawat
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