It all started on 30 March 2020. Venture Center had a request from the DCP, Pune Police requesting Face Shields.  An enthusiastic group of startup entrepreneurs and Venture Center staff rallied together to take up the challenge, design, fabricate and deliver the requested face shields as soon as possible. The is how the Pune Face Shield Action Group was born!

You can get a glimpse of  what the Pune Face Shield Action Group has achieved at this site.

The Pune Face Shield is a simple and low-cost design of a Face Shield designed by entrepreneurs and staff at Venture Center. It is based on a design originally put online by Makers Asylum, Mumbai. However, the Pune Face Shield design uses MDF and can be machined (other than laser cutting). This make the process simpler, cheaper and scalable.

Face shield: Primarily used to protect mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth from droplets generated by cough, sneeze or speech of an infected person or during aerosol generating procedures in a clinical setting. It can also be useful in preventing inadvertent touching of the eyes/ nose/ mouth with a contaminated hand.

The Pune Face Shield consists of:

  • A MDF component
  • A PET transparent sheet
  • An elastic band

Design details and pictures are available at: