This page documents some commonly agreed principles between members of the Pune Face Shield Action Group, responsibilities decided, rules of engagement, basis for priorities and some tracking information.

General principles:

  • The Pune Face Shield Action Group shall run this activity as a non-profit, non-commercial activity.  It will not be selling Face Shields.
  • The Pune Face Shield Action Group shall donate their time and efforts towards this activity. The costs for any raw materials and labour shall be paid for via donations and CSR support. 
  • The Pune Face Shield Action Group shall maintain a reasonable and sustainable production and delivery volume that does not strain our equipment, resources and team members unreasonably.

Responsibilities of the members who are startup entrepreneurs (led by Jasveer):

  • Sourcing materials/ supplies
  • Vendor development
  • Contract manufacturing, cleaning and assembly
  • Volunteer team management and staffing
  • Recommend names to VC for police permits
  • Delivery for sourced raw materials and finished goods
  • Publicising fund raising options
  • Publicity on social media
  • Designs for different use cases
  • Marketing collateral
  • Facilitation of enquiries

Responsibilities of the members who are from Venture Center team (led by Manisha):

  • Request management
  • Deciding priorities and delivery list  (with inputs from Renuka)
  • Enquiry desk; Responding to requests
  • Cutting, manual assembly, sanitisation, packaging
  • Handover letters
  • Fund management
  • Purchase orders and payments
  • Production planning
  • VC volunteers and labour planning
  • Website and social media from VC side
  • Recommend to DCP for police permits
  • Hub for delivery and pickup

Rule for prioritization:

  • Prioritisation is done by a core team led by Manisha and supported by Renuka
  • General rules:
    • Healthcare workers (ex: hospitals, isolation wards etc) and public testing centres will be prioritised ahead (especially those designated by the Government for COVID19 patients)  followed by frontline government employees (ex: police, municipal corporation staff etc)
    • Staff of government and volunteers of charities who cannot donate towards the Face Shields (either due to procedural reasons or affordability) will be given due consideration.
    • Private and/or well funded entities will be encouraged to donate and fund this activity.
    • Requests from within Pune city and its neighbourhood will be given priority.
    • Requests of funders who have donated funds with request to provide Face Shields to specific categories of health care or front line government workers will be honoured on priority.

Marketing collaterals, photographs, videos

Tracking sheets and links:

(Note: Some requests were not entered in the first few days and hence tallying requests  and deliveries has been hard. But this is good enough for now. Let us get cracking on doing more — forget the details! Who is incharge of the sheets — Mona.)