Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you supply outside Greater Pune region? Not at this time. We are busy trying to meet Pune’s needs.  Occasionally, we may provide Face Shields to neighbouring cities (within 200 km of Pune) but the recipient may have to arrange pick-up. For all other cities, we are happy to share our designs with and train a local Maker Lab/ Prayas Center/ Tinkering lab if required to make the Face Shields.
  • Do you sell Face Shields? No. We do not sell. We donate Face Shields to requesters. We fund this activity through donations by donors and in-kind contributions of our members.
  • Do you deliver the Face Shields to beneficiaries? We usually request the beneficiaries to arrange pick up from the NCL Innovation Park. But if there is a genuine problem in pick up, we arrange for volunteers to deliver the Face Shield to beneficiaries.
  • When can I get the Face Shields I requested online?  We will be soon putting up our list of requests and prioritised delivery schedules online for you to track. Please note that the priority list and sequencing is decided by our core team and not open to discussion or debate.