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We, at Venture Center, strongly believe in Innovation and Team Spirit. With the COVID19 global crisis impacting the world in unparalleled proportions, our resolve to deliver innovative solutions to global problems only strengthens.

These face shields, meant to protect the front line workers while discharging their civic duties, are to be worn over regular masks. The advantage of this shield is that it protects the entire face.

So far, we have distributed more than 13000+ face shields.


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funding partners/ Individual donors & contributing partners

We would like to thank our Funding Partners, Individual Donors and Contributing Partners for their continued support to make this mission possible.

Funding Partners: 

Here is a list of our Organizational and Individual Donors.

Pune Face Shield Action Group_ Donors & Funders – Sheet1

Contributing Partners: 


  1. Staff: V. Premnath, Manisha P., Pravin C., Shiv T., Sayali K., Sujaya I., Yashodhan S., Anjan K., Mona P., Amruta G.
  2. Housekeeping Staff at
  3. Jasveer Singh (SENSE IT OUT)
  4. Aditya Kabra (ZeroPlast Labs)
  5. Mitesh Rasal (RUT3 Engg. Pvt. Ltd.)
  6. Shubham Singh (Craste)
  7. Divyakshi Kaushik (Anatomech Pvt. Ltd.)
  8. Renuka Diwan (Bio-Prime AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd.)
  9. Sachin Dubey (Module Innovations)
  10. Pratik Bhalerao (Dee Dee Labs)
  11. Mayur Sanas (MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
  12. Aniruddha Atre (Jeevtronics)
  13. Mangesh Khadase (LifeSynth)

How to assemble your face shield?
(Video in Marathi)