Venture Center (“Entrepreneurship Development Center”) is a CREDAL accredited non-profit. Donors to Venture Center are eligible for Section 80G tax benefit or  can show their funding as valid CSR support. Venture Center also has an FCRA registration for accepting foreign donations.

You can donate and fund this activity! Here is how:

  • CSR: Venture Center is eligible for CSR donations. For a proposal and detailed information, contact: Amruta Gore; email:; Phone: 74100 45653); Click here for more information.
  • Donations (for Indian Tax Payers and Tax Residents)
    • Donate directly to Venture Center via Online Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash (maximum cash donation allowed is Rs 2000 as per GoI rules). For detailed information, contact: Amruta Gore; email:; Phone: 74100 45653) Click here for more information on donations to Venture Center. Send your Full Name and PAN number to for getting a receipt.
    • (Sorry but the option to donate via Townscript is not available anymore) If you need any clarifications for any past donations via Townscript  (Venture Center’s War against COVID19), write to Mona Patil (email: Send your Full Name and PAN number to for getting a receipt
  • Foreign contributions: Venture Center has FCRA registrations and can accept foreign donations. But for this, Indian Government rules require donations to be deposited in a dedicated FCRA savings account. For more information and bank transfer information, please contact: Priti Rathi, email:; Phone: 74100 45656)
  • Pledges: We are grateful to some of you who have organised pledges in your networks. We suggest that you peg the amount to pledge per shield at Rs 30 or roughly about  0.5 USD.


We gratefully acknowledge the following donors for the generous support :

  • Summary Report (Compiled by Soma) as of  18 April 2020 mid day: Click here (PDF)


  • Donors, volunteers and beneficiaries  as of 10 April 2020:  Here is a letter from the COO & GM of Venture Center to the Police Commissioner, Pune reporting the activity undertaken by this Action Group.  This lists:
      • Beneficiaries
      • Donors
      • Volunteers
  • Donors as of 8 April 2020 : 


Individual Donors:

Rohit Sawant | Ajeet Singh | Subhajit Datta | Johnsy George | Amit Sahu |

Prashant Yadav | Yaashodaa K. Padhye | Sunil Chaubey | Rajendrasingh Patil|

Arun Joshi | Vishal Ranjan | Vivek Saxena | Shailendra Kelkar | Tara Singh | 

Chanprit Kaur | Sanjay Rawal |Ajinkya Dharia |