SIIP Activities


Entrepreneurial Skilling Cafe

A Cafe, “by-the-fellows-for-the-fellows”

The idea behind this Cafe is to create a platform for all the W2V fellows including the other partner SPARSH centers (IITK and Villgro). SPARSH Fellows from these 3 centers will volunteers for a session on any aspect of entrepreneurial skill set that he/she may have acquired until now. This will help them to reach out to each other, when they move ahead in their entrepreneurial journeys. The sessions will also help the volunteering fellows to improve on their own learnings while sharing their skills with other fellows.

  1. Tushar Pawar  (Social Innovation Tech Fellow @ Venture Center) | 7 Oct 2020 | 4-5 pm | Join here
  2. Aakash Baglane (Social Innovation Tech Fellow @ Venture Center) | 14 Oct 2020 | 11 am – 12 noon | Join here
  3. Himanshu Gupta (SPARSH Fellow @ SIIC-IITK) | 21 Oct 2020 | 11 am -12 noon | Join here
  • Upcoming sessions will be announced soon…


Details of other activities by fellows available here: