What is the support provided under NIDHI-PRAYAS?

Avail Grant – in – aid upto Rs. 10 lakhs for prototype development.

What is the project duration?

Maximum of 18 months extendable to 6 months after Monitoring Committee review. However, at Venture Center the preferred duration period shall be 12 months.

What is supported under the grant?

  1. Outsourcing charges for R&D/ design engg/ consultancy/ testing/ experts
  2. Raw materials/ consumables/ spares
  3. Fabrication/ synthesis charges of working model or process
  4. Business travel, event participation fee (Max 10% of approved project cost)
  5. Patent filing costs, PCT (Max 10% of approved project cost)
  6. Contingency (Max 10% of approved project cost)
  7. The funds should be mainly utilized for prototype development work / proof of concept

What is NOT supported under the grant?

  1. Pay salary or any other compensation to the grantee or his/her close relative
  2. Pay (incubation) charges of the TBI
  3. Pay/ repay any loans/commitments made before signing the project agreement
  4. Pay rent or related costs for own accommodation
  5. Creation of new infrastructure facility, shed etc
  6. Purchasing capital assets, computers, software’s, printers etc.

How can I use the PRAYASHALA?

The access to all facilities created under the PRAYAS program at the PRAYASHALA at Venture Center shall be available to all grantees for the entire duration of their project free of cost. All grantees shall have access to prototyping mentoring support from PRAYAS Center. All users of the PRAYASHALA will need to follow the rules and regulations of Venture Center. They will need to take and pass the safety test to be able to use the facilities.

Who owns the IP?

Venture Center or DST shall have no ownership or licensing right on the IP created by the grantee.