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Mission Manufacturing in India (Make in India)


Make in India

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the “Make in India” initiative on 25th September 2014 with the aim of promoting India as an important investment destination and a global hub for manufacturing, design and innovation. The ‘Make in India’ initiative does not target manufacturing sector alone, but also aims at promoting entrepreneurship in the country. 25 sectors have been identified under the “Make in India” initiative. Source: ; Concerned ministry:



Venture Center supports the Make in India mission by:

  • Nucleating and nurturing manufacturing companies. A majority of the Venture Center’s incubatees companies are developing products and will eventually be manufacturing companies.
  • Venture Center’s Soft Landing Program encourages foreign companies to explore and invest in India in general and Pune in particular as a destination for their R&D activities for their manufacturing activities.
  • Of the 25 sectors identified under the “Make in India” initiative, Venture Center’s incubatee companies are contributing to the following sectors: Aviation, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Defence Manufacturing, Electronic System Design and Manufacturing, Food Processing, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Roads and Highways, Renewable Energy, Textiles and Wellness.

Examples for product development and manufacturing companies amongst Venture Center incubatees:


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