Venture Center has been selected to serve as a Programme Execution Partner (PEP) for the NIDH-EIR of DST-NSTEDB.

Scope of EIR grant support

  1. Venture Center shall give all its EIR grantees (who qualify as per basic eligibility criteria) a flat monthly fellowship of Rs 30,000 per month as sustenance fellowship to pursue an entrepreneurial idea for a maximum period of 12 months

  2. EIR grantees have to be pursuing the programme full-time.

  3. NIDHI-EIR recipient shall be decided by the Venture Center project management committee based on qualifications and shall be set at levels felt optimal to encourage entrepreneurship.

  4. All EIR grantees will be required compulsorily to subscribe to the “Services Support Package for Fellows” service offering of Venture Center. This will ensure access to basic facilities at Venture Center such as a hot desk, network access, access to shared facilities, IPFACE services, library access etc as per the Fact Sheet of service offering. All EIR grantees will be treated as resident incubatees of Venture Center.

  5. EIR grantees may need to arrange their own funds for any additional costs.

Monitoring and review

  1. EIR grantees shall give a monthly report to the Program Manager by 2nd of every following month.

  2. EIR grantees should present their progress to the project management committee every quarter.

  3. Monthly fellowship shall not be released without submission of this report.