Venture Center and Bajaj Auto. Ltd. have teamed up to support technology entrepreneurs in the Venture Center’s extended innovation ecosystem.

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility activities Bajaj Auto Ltd. has provided funding for Developing Social Impact Technologies at Venture Centre. This collaboration was launched in F.Y. 2019-20.

Objective : To select social impact technology innovations, support them with prototyping grants and mentor them towards conversion to products and services in use


Bajaj Entrepreneurship Grant will enable an entrepreneur / startup to translate an innovative idea to a prototype.

Without limiting scope unduly, the projects and technology entrepreneurs chosen shall be:

  • Focused on a leveraging science and technology/ inventions
  • Focused on building a sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial venture
  • Themes of social entrepreneurship will be preferred (maternal and child health, affordable healthcare, assisted living for elderly and disabled, energy and environment , agro/rural sector and such topics with social impact)
  • Any other themes suggested by the Project Oversight Committee (POC)

There shall be no restriction on the background of the entrepreneur. However, preference may be given to:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • First generation entrepreneurs
  • Social enterprises
  • Companies as opposed to individuals
  • Any other criteria suggested by the Project Oversight Committee (POC)