Visit to Srivardhan Biotech

About the company: Shrivardhan Biotech Рis a leading Exporter, Supplier, Trading Company of gerbera flower, rose flowers, spices and coloured capsicum from Kolhapur, Maharashtra.


The purpose of the visit was to understand how agricultural waste residue is managed. The company’s main product is in cultivating flowers which are mainly shipped to European countries. On visiting the flowering packaging unit, we found out that main waste is generated in trimming flower stems to a standard size. The flower stems are then packaged and shipped in a temperature-controlled truck to the airport. The losses occurred during the transportation is due to packaging which is a huge problem in this industry. Furthermore, the packaging material should be moisture resistant.


The cut parts of the flower stem along with any agricultural waste is composted and used as a fertilizer. Cow dung is mixed in the compost which enhances the quality of the fertilizer.


The company also prepares natural pesticides from chilly, garlic and cow urine which works very well as an insect repellant.


About the Author: Shubham Singh is presently working as the BIRAC Social Innovator at Venture Center, Pune.