Sayali Kothmire
Co-ordinator Protoshop

Sayali is Coordinator - Protoshop at Venture Center. She is B.E.(Instrumentation & Control Engineer) from University of Pune. She is running current facilities in Tinkering Lab.She operates all the instruments in lab, provides training, Plans & executes setting up & maintenance work in Tinkering Lab also involved in creating, planning & organizing technical & scientific workshops & hands-on lab exercises with Tinkering lab instruments.

Anjan Kumar N
Associate Protoshop

Anjan is an Associate protoshop at venture center graduated from CMR Institute of Technology Bengaluru in B.E Mechanical Engineering. He is responsible for running facilities at protoshop, designing prototypes using cad softwares and also setting up technical and non – technical workshops.

Sujaya Ingale
Senior Manager – Scientific Initiatives

Sujaya leads and coordinates Scientific & Prototyping Initiatives at Venture Center. She manages scientific resources, facilities, services and ensures Environment Health and Safety compliance at Venture Center.
She is M.Sc in Microbiology (Pune University). She has several years of research experience in biotechnology projects, experience in setting up and oversight of Venture Center’s Lab facilities, running and assisting in proof-of-concept projects, and in creating, planning and organizing technical and scientific workshops for life sciences students and scientists.

Edna Joseph
Associate Manager - Analytical Services

Edna is Associate Manager – Analytical Services at Venture Center. Edna manages analytical equipment facility at Venture Center. She has M.Sc in Organic Chemistry (Pune University) and hold PG Diploma in Patent Law. She has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of many analytical instruments (e.g. elemental analysis, thermal analysis, chromatography etc. She has run and assisted in proof-of-concept projects. Many technical and scientific workshops, especially those with hands-on lab exercises with lab instruments have been conceptualized, planned and organized by her.