Bioincubator Council

The BioIncubator Council provides overall and strategic guidance to the BioIncubator.

  • Responsibilities
    • To provide overall and strategic guidance to the BioIncubator.
    • To periodically review the plans and monitor the progress of the BioIncubator
    • To leverage their experience and networks to assist the BioIncubator with information, connections, referrals etc so as to enable the BioIncubator to grow in scale and quality of impact.
  • Frequency of meeting: The BioIncubator Council shall meet at least twice a year.

  • Tenure: The BioIncubator Council shall be a standing committee with an initial tenure of 3 years. The BioIncubator Council shall continue its role beyond the duration of funding of the BioIncubator by DBT-BIRAC.

  • Composition: The Council shall comprise of a Chairman and minimum 4 other members. Minimum quorum of the committee shall be 3. Current composition of the committee is:
  • Other members may be co-opted as an Invited Expert on a need basis from time to time, and based on their availability. Invited Experts will also have access to the progress reports of the BioIncubator.

  • Participation in the BioIncubator Council will be voluntary and pro bono.