Pune Engineering Students convert touchpad to touchscreen on laptops

Indian express reports that three engineering students from MIT, Alandi have innovated to convert the touchpad on the laptop to be used as touchscreen…

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Engineering students’ team from Alandi gives a magic touch to laptops

An innovation that can convert the touchpad of a laptop into a touchscreen, making a keyboard unnecessary, has won a team of three final-year computer students of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Alandi, prizes at seven engineering college fests so far, including the first prize at the recent IIT Kanpur fest.

The three MIT students, Ajinkya Jadhav, Animesh Rawat and Rahoul Datta, feel that the idea can be commercially exploited. The application can reduce size of netbooks — smaller version of laptops — and benefit people with motor impairments…

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Welcome to the TUC at Venture Center, Pune

Welcome the TePP Outreach Center (TUC) at Venture Center, Pune. Follow this site to know more about the TePP related events and activities at Venture Center.

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