Constitution and by-laws (Last update: Jan 2008)


NCL Technology and Entrepreneurship club (NCL-TEC) is a club driven by research scholars and associates at NCL that aims to provide a common platform/forum for people with a shared interest in technology and translating it into products and services useful to people. The Club plans to focus on various aspects of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The club shall plan and organize lectures, workshops and other events for the mutual benefit of the club members. The club shall be an independent, non-profit entity with full strategic and operational freedom. The Venture Center (located at 100, NCL Innovation Park, Pune (411008) shall be offering operational, administrative, logistic and (as far as possible) financial support to NCL-TEC.


The NCL Technology and Entrepreneurship club shall operate from the following address:
NCL Technology and Entrepreneurship Club, 100, NCL Innovation Park, Pune – 411008

By Laws
        • Eligibility: The membership of NCL-TEC shall be open to any current or past student, associate, project staff or regular staff at NCL.
        • Rights: All members shall be entitled to be nominated for office positions, vote for office bearers and participate in all club activities.
        • Responsibilities: The members shall be encouraged to participate in all group events/activities and contribute to the organization of various events/activities. 
        • Regular meetings: Regular meetings of NCLTEC members shall be held on the first Friday evening of each month at 4 PM, unless such day falls on a legal holiday, in which event the regular meeting shall be held at the same hour and place on the next business day. This meeting shall be announced on the group mailing list.
        • Annual meetings: The NCLTEC annual meeting will be held in the First week of January every year, to elect the office bearers. This meeting shall be announced on the group mailing list.
        • Special meetings: Special meetings may be called by the President as per the needs.
        • Place of meetings: Meetings shall be held at NCL campus with prior email/notice to all NCLTEC members, registered at the NCLTEC group. The exact location of the meeting shall be announced via the mailing list.

    Office positions: NCL-TEC shall have the following office positions at this time (which can be changed through a resolution of the general body):

Office positionResponsibilities
PresidentThe President shall be the chief executive officer of the club and shall provide leadership for the club. The President shall be responsible for calling club meetings, mobilizing membership, building a team of office bearers, overall planning of club activities, oversight of the Secretaries responsible for various club responsibilities functions and ensuring a smooth succession. Unless another person is specifically appointed as Chairperson of the meeting the president shall preside at all meetings of the NCLTEC.
Secretary (Talks)The duties of the Secretary (Talks), includes but not limited to planning, organization and conduct of informative and inspirational seminars, talks, relevant video shows, etc.
Secretary (Workshops)The duties of the Secretary (Workshops), includes but not limited to organization of workshops, educational lectures series, multimedia shows, etc.
Secretary (Group activities)The duties of the Secretary (Group Activities), includes but not limited to planning and organizing group activities/ competitions etc. and also organizing teams/logistics for participation in competitions/ conferences/ meetings.
Secretary (Finance)The duties of Secretary (Finance), includes management of all financial needs of the club. He/ she will play an active role in raising sponsorship for club activities, keep an account of all club expense and present statement of accounts periodically at regular work meetings.
Secretary (Publicity and Communications)The duties of Secretary (Publicity and Communications), includes management of all club interactions with members. He / she will take care of mailing lists, website, blog, post message. In all, he /she will strive hard to give wider publicity of club activities, meetings.
Secretary (Planner)The duties of Secretary (Planner), includes schedule of club activities, Quarterly planning of events, Budget workout for every events.
      • Eligibility: Any member of NCL-TEC shall be eligible to stand for office positions of the club. Interested members will require to be nominated by one or more of the current office bearers of the club.
      • Election: Election of office bearers will be through votes of NCLTEC members, present during the annual meeting. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes up shall be deemed elected.
      • Term of office: Each office bearer shall hold office until the next annual meeting for election of the office bearers, and until his or her successor is elected and qualifies
      • Vacancies: The President of the club has to appoint an in-charge, in case of leave or transfer etc, for a short duration. The president cannot take a break more than 3 months, in that case, a special meeting will be called among the members and a new president will be nominated, to take care of the club. Similarly, the office bearers also need to nominate other members to take care of the responsibility or duties. This has to be brought to the notice of the president; as such approval requires his/her approval.
      • Non-liability of office bearers: The office bearers shall not be personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or other obligations of the club.
      • Founding office bearers: In order to facilitate the creation of NCL-TEC and beginning of operations, the following persons are to be nominated for the following positions:
Office positionName
PresidentMr. Elangovan Mani
Secretary (Talks)Ms. Sofia Banu
Secretary (Workshops)Mr. Rakesh Singh
Secretary (Group activities)Mr. Kumar Babu
Secretary (Finance)Mr. Nishant Varshney
Secretary (Publicity and Communications)Mr. Sarvesh Soni
Secretary (Planner)Mr. Nagraj Gowda
    • Purpose: The club members and/or office bearers may choose to constitute an advisory board of experienced advisors, well wishers, supporters and mentors.
    • Membership: The President and other office bearers shall invite suitable persons to join the advisory board as per needs.
    • Tenure: The tenure shall be 1 year with the option of renewal the decision for which shall be taken at a general body meeting.
    • Rights: Advisory board members shall have the right to attend all meetings and events of the club freely.
    • Responsibilities: Advisory board members shall offer advice, leads/referrals, assist in planning and organization of club activities, help in raising funds for club events and activities etc.