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Glut-4 Activity based Anti-Diabetic Drug Screening System

Scientists at NCCS have developed an in-vitro anti-diabetic drug screening system based on glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) activity in a novel cell line (CHO-HIRc-mycGLUT4eGFP). Using this system, GLUT4 translocation under stimulation can be visualized by live cell imaging and captured real-time for qualitative and quantitative analysis of GLUT4 on the cell membrane. Continue reading

Herbal Extracts for Metabolic Diseases in ready-to-market Formulation

Fenugreek seeds are well known in Indian traditional medicine for use in the management of Diabetes and Obesity. However, the therapeutic dose of 25-50 g/day of Fenugreek seeds is not feasible for human consumption due to its bitter taste and pungent odour. Scientists at NCCS have designed and patented novel methods for preparing aqueous extracts of fenugreek seeds that would be reasonably convenient for human consumption. Continue reading

An Overview of NCCS Capabilities

Capability Area NCCS Scientists/ Consultants
Cancer Biology Dr. Sharmila Bapat, Dr. Padma Shastry, Dr. Anjali Shiras, Dr. Mohan Wani, Dr. Gopal Kundu, Dr. Samit Chattopadhyay, Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhat, Dr. Sandhya Sitaswad, Dr. Girdhari Lal, Dr. Srikanth Rapole, Dr. Manas Santra
Cell Biology Dr. Shekhar Mande, Dr. Mohan Wani, Dr. Debashis Mitra, Dr. Prakash Deshpande, Dr. Jomon Joseph,  Dr. Bhaskar Saha, Dr. Milind Patole, Dr. Arvind Sahu, Dr. M. V. Krishnasastry, Dr. Vasudevan Seshadri, Dr. Radha Chauhan, Dr. Janesh Kumar, Dr. Girdhari Lal, Dr. Shailza Singh, Dr. Deepa Subramanyam
Genetics Dr. Sharmila Bapat, Dr. Anjali Shiras, Dr. Samit Chattopadhyay, Dr. Jomon Joseph, Dr. Vasudevan Seshadri, Dr. Manas Santra, Dr. Vidisha Tripathi
Immunology  Dr. Mohan Wani, Dr. Bhaskar Saha, Dr. Arvind Sahu, Dr. Girdhari Lal, Dr. Shailza Singh
Metabolic Diseases Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhat, Dr. Sandhya Sitaswad
Microbial Biology Dr. Milind Patole, Dr. Yogesh Shouche, Dr. Shailza Singh
Neuroscience Dr. Amitabha Majumdar, Dr. Janesh Kumar
Stem Cells Dr. Vaijayanti Kale, Dr. Lalita Limaye, Dr. Anjali Shiras, Dr. Nibedita Lenka, Dr. Deepa Subramanyam