Glut-4 Activity based Anti-Diabetic Drug Screening System

Scientists at NCCS have developed an in-vitro anti-diabetic drug screening system based on glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) activity in a novel cell line (CHO-HIRc-mycGLUT4eGFP). Using this system, GLUT4 translocation under stimulation can be visualized by live cell imaging and captured real-time for qualitative and quantitative analysis of GLUT4 on the cell membrane.


This real time, visual, cell-based, qualitative and quantitative system can be used for screening large number of natural products, synthetic compounds or derived products for Glut4 translocation modulation (or anti-diabetic) activity.

Technology Readiness: TRL B1 (In-vitro efficacy/ results demonstrated)

Technology Status: Proprietary know-how

Technology Availability: Know-how available for transfer/ co-development with partners.


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