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Mission Startups (Startup India Standup India)


Startup India Standup India

On 15 Aug 2015, the Prime Minister announced the “Start-Up India” initiative, which would encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of India.”Start-Up India, Stand-Up India,” the Prime Minister said. The PM also expressed interest in promoting women entrepreneurs. Source: ; Concerned ministry:


Venture Center supports the Startup India Mission:

  • Venture Center’s core purpose is itself to nucleate and nurture startups! Venture Center specializes in knowledge intensive and inventive startups.
  • Venture Center is India’s largest science business incubator. It is also India’s largest inventive enterprises incubator(As of 31 March 2015, Venture Center was home to 31 resident entities).
  • Venture Center is the first and only business incubator in the CSIR system (CSIR is India’s largest publicly funded R&D organization).
  • Venture Center is the pioneer in India with regards to the creation of spin-off entities from publicly funded research organizations(10 spin-off companies created from CSIR).
  • Venture Center is one of the very few incubators in India that focuses on and can support startups leveraging the chemical, materials and biological sciences and engineering.
  • Venture Center is focused on supporting the earliest stage entrepreneurs (90% of incubatees are at concept, proof of concept or prototype stage).
  • Most start-ups at Venture Center are founded by highly qualified founders (80% of incubatees have PhD/ MTech/ MBA degrees and advanced research experience from leading academic and research institutes around the world including IITs, IISc, US/UK universities etc)
  • Venture Center actively supports and promotes women managers and entrepreneurs (31% of incubatees are women; 80% of staff are women).
  • Venture Center is the incubator with the richest technology innovation ecosystem in India with the widest array of service offerings, infrastructural facilities including specialized scientific facilities, IP facilitation center, Library, funding options, internal mentoring capabilities, technical and mentor networks, etc.

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