Contributions to National Missions/ GoI Ministerial Missions

Mission Global Standing (Achieve global standards; Samarth Bharat Sashakt Bharat – Powerful Capable India; Contributions to the strategic sector)


India today aspires for global standing! Be it in terms of benchmarking itself against global standards or developing and owning strategic technologies that contribute to strengthening India’s positions in the world.

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Venture Center supports this national mission:

  • Venture Center is one of the few technology innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators in India that can be benchmarked against global standards in terms of the richness and quality of the micro-ecosystem. Venture Center wishes to contribute to India’s rankings in the Global Innovation Index. Venture center wishes to build a unique innovation cluster in Pune for India.
  • NavStik, an incubatee company of Venture Center, is building the brains and operating systems for drones – the only company in India that has such sophisticated technology and one of a handful of global companies in this domain.
  • The Venture Center is supporting a CSIR-NCL initiative on the topic of currency technology. See



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