Contributions to National Missions/ GoI Ministerial Missions

Mission Digital India


On 1 July 2015, the Government of India announced the Digital India initiative. More details at


Team Venture Center is contributing to this mission in unique and distinct ways aligned to its larger mission of supporting knowledge-intensive enterprises:

  • Digitized industry: Venture Center’s incubatee companies Tridiagonal Solutions and Helium Consulting are providing simulation and optimization solutions to a wide variety of industry in the chemicals, energy, minerals etc sectors
  • Connected and personalized healthcare:Venture Center’s incubatee companies such as Sofomo (connected healthcare), Periwinkle (mobile apps to facilitate healthcare providers) are inDNA(personalized healthcare leveraging bioinformatics) creating new technology solutions for healthcare.
  • Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC): Venture Center’s incubatee companies Pratiti and Periwinkle are building new solutions in the SMAC space.
  • NavStik, an incubatee company of Venture Center, is building the brains and operating systems for drones – the only company in India that has such sophisticated technology and one of a handful of global companies in this domain. Drone technology has the potential to transform internet access in the years to come through airborne internet nodes.


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