Taking novel drugs from research labs to the clinic is known to be challenging, time consuming and resource intensive with a small percentage of candidate drugs crossing the translation process successfully and seeing use by doctors and patients. That said, there is a method and process to the drug development and translation process, which if understood well, has the potential to considerably increase the speed of development, reduce false starts and improve the chances of success.


DNDi is a leading international non-profit organization that focuses on discovering, developing, and delivering new treatments for neglected patients around the world that are affordable and patient-friendly – and have already saved millions of lives. This international workshop aims aims to share the insights and learning of the global DNDi in drug development gathered over the last 18+ years of its existence. The DNDi team comprises experienced professionals with a wealth of learning and insights on the drug development process that can help inform drug developers in academia, non-profit research organizations and industry across the world.

Terms and Conditions for Participants

  • Participants shall arrange their own devices (preferably Laptop/ Tablet) and ensure the good internet connectivity during the online course.
  • Attendance is mandatory for all sessions once registration is confirmed.
  • No sessions will be repeated if a participant is unable to join due to poor internet connectivity or any other reasons.

Workshop Includes

  • Free membership in mailing list to receive announcements of future events from Venture Center.
  • Certificate of participation will be issued to eligible attendees of the workshop.
  • Access to restricted site of information resources and self reading materials.
  • Database of all attendees with the LinkedIn handles.
  • Membership of discussion group on a suitable platform (LinkedIn group- Intra-Drug-Development- R&D)