Visit to Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Tal. Jamkhed, Dist Ahmednagar

The SIIP team visited the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) and its associated Julia Hospital in Jamkhed on 30 September 2015.We were introduced to the project by Mr. Jayesh Kamble, who, for the past ten years has been a part of various initiatives by CRHP — mobile health team, adolescent boys initiative, farmers’ clubs, women’s groups, village health worker training etc. He described the conditions in Jamkhed when the project was started by Dr. Rajanikant Arole and Dr. Mabelle Arole and the interventions by CRHP to improve them. For example, the infant mortality rate was brought down to 17 per 1000 from over 200 per 1000 by providing access to medical facilities and by educating mothers about nutrition, breastfeeding, adequate birth spacing etc.

CRHP has a three-pronged system:

  1. Village health workers from the local community
  2. Mobile health team, which generally has a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist and a lab technician.
  3. A hospital – Julia Hospital in Jamkhed.

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In addition to the routine pathology tests, malaria detection is also done at the Julia hospital’s pathology lab. CRHP also has an international internship program for students who are interested in working in public health issues. In addition, they also have a pre-school for about 60 children upto 5-6 years of age, where the malnutrition related issues are also tackled in addition to preparing the kids for regular school. Children attending this pre-school are mainly from the slum areas and the poor socio-economic bracket.