(19 Oct 2020) Biopharma 101 training

Biopharma 101- Analytical Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals, is a modular program with 6 modules. The aim is to help participants gain/refresh the technical knowledge of this area and sharpen their skills. Also, those who successfully complete the training and evaluations will be eligible for hands-on training/Internship at CBA in near future.The training program is of total 6 weeks duration with 2 hourly sessions on each Friday and Saturday. More details on: https://www.venturecenter.co.in/biopharma/training/

(18 Aug 2020) CBA Inauguration-Press Release

(18 Aug 2020) Biospectrum – Center for Biopharma Analysis opens in Pune

(18 Aug 2020) Sakal Times- https://www.sakaltimes.com/pune/pune-center-biopharma-analysis-inaugurated-venture-centre-ncl-54518

(18 Aug 2020) Pallikatum – A complete educational portal- The Center for Biopharma Analysis, Pune now open for operations

(16 Aug 2020) Vajiram & Ravi Study Center- Secretary of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) inaugurated the Pune-based Center for Biopharma Analysis (CBA)

(16 Aug 2020) The Shift India (Hindi)-https://shiftindia.com/news/national/2020/08/16/cba-for-biopharmaceutical-developers-and-manufacturers/

 (15 Aug 2020) Mangalore Mirror.com- Department of Biotechnology supported National Facility at Venture Center, Pune now open for operations

(15 Aug 2020) Deccan Herald- Centre for Biopharma Analysis now operational in Pune

(15 Aug 2020) News with Chaii- CBA to provide high-quality analytical services for biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers

(15 Aug 2020) Express Pharma- Government-funded Centre for Biopharma Analysis set up in Pune

(15 Aug 2020) Financial Express- Pune gets facility for biopharma analysis: CBA to help fast track development of vaccines, drugs, diagnostics

(15 Aug 2020) My Marathi (Marathi)- https://mymarathi.net/local-pune/venturecenter-pune-news-by-pib/

(15 Aug 2020) Indian Web 2- To Support Bio-pharma Innovations, Govt Supported National Facility Opens at Venture Center, Pune

(15 Aug 2020) India Education Diary.com- Department of Biotechnology supported National Facility at Venture Center, Pune now open for operations

(15 Aug 2020) Chhattisgarh News- National Facility at Venture Center, Pune now open, Center for Biopharma Analysis will provide high-quality analytical services for biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers

(15 Aug 2020) Punekar News- Pune: Center For Biopharma Analysis Inaugurated; To Provide High-Quality Analytical Services For Biopharmaceutical Developers, Manufacturers

(15 Aug 2020) News Services Division, All India Radio- DBT, Secretary, Renu Swarup inaugurates Center for Biopharma Analysis in Pune

(14 Aug 2020) Biovoice News – Pune’s Venture Center opens Center for Biopharma Analysis to support National Biopharma Mission

(01 July 2020) CBA Services launched

The Center for BioPharma Analysis (CBA) at venture Center is launching the first set of services; Protein Intact Mass Analysis, Peptide Mapping, Post Translational Modifications, Host Cell Protein Impurity Identification by HRMS, Higher Order Structural Analysis by CD, FLD, & DSC.

Please fill out the CBA Interest Form: https://forms.gle/Mcavc7mvL3LkjUaC6.

Our team will get back to you soon. To know more about the services, please visit: https://www.venturecenter.co.in/biopharma/services/

(08 June 2020) Understanding and Negotiating NDAs & MTAs

This online session aims to provide the understanding of the all the important clauses in the NDA and MTA with the case studies to elaborate the situations arising out of the business arrangements and the remedy to address or tackle the tricky situations and the modalities which will help you in understanding the standard NDA and MTA. Saturday, 13 June 2020 |11 am – 1 pm | Flyer |Outline |Register here

(10 April 2020) Online Training Program on SARS-CoV-2- 16 April 2020

This workshop is primarily for informing frontline workers (especially scientists, clinicians and lab technicians) dealing with the COVID19 crisis. The wave 1 of the workshop will focus on structural details of SARS-CoV-2 virus, Realtime PCR platform for detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus, practical requirements of facilities and PPE’s in a diagnostic lab.It will also focus on the precautions that need to be taken while handling the samples.

Book your seat- 16 April 2020, 10.00 to 11.30 am | Flyer | Outline |Register at https://forms.gle/N8xFKhkT1tWr8Sqj7

(24 Feb 2020) BioPharma Talk series- 6 Mar 2020

Center for BioPharma Analysis at Venture Center is pleased to announce BioPharma talk series. This series will feature BioPharma experts from academia and industry sharing their knowledge and experience with peers and budding biotechnologists. This is a step towards building a network of all BioPharma experts in the region. Let’s Meet, Learn and Network !!!

Book your seat- 6 March 2020, 4 to 6.30 pm @Venture Center Meet Narendra Chirmule at the inaugural talk of BioPharma talk series. Flyer | Register at https://lnkd.in/fq2hB8z

(31 Jan 2020) Workshop on Good Laboratory Practices

CBA aims to be a GLP certified facilty to ensure quality, safety, reliability and integrity during lab testing and hence it is important to understand, learn and implement GLP practices in the workflows while we are setting up !!! Come and join us to know more about GLP during One day Technical Workshop on Good Laboratory Practices (Non Clinical Laboratory) |Saturday, 15 Feb 2020, 9 am – 5.30 pm at Venture Center|Flyer |Outline |Register here