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The Venture Center team offers a variety of advisory / consulting services for technology entrepreneurs and enterprises.

VC Internal Team of Advisors

Priti Rathi

Manager- Finance & Compliance, Venture Center

  • Experience in Finalization of Accounts, Audits ,Preparation of Annual Budgets, Statutory Compliances , Policy Framing and Preparation of Business Plans
  • Chartered Accountant, ICAI M.Com, University of Pune

Dr.Manisha Premnath
General Manager-Venture Center
  • Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular & cell biology, Biotech commercialization, Planning and setting up tech dev programs and labs, Program management
  • PhD (Bio-technology), University of Pune; Post doc - Univ of Cambridge

VC Affiliates

Name Background & Skills
V Premnath
  • Tech commercialization, company start-up, IP planning, tech roadmapping/ landscaping/ assessment, market research, business planning.
  • Head, NCL Innovations; Head, Intellectual Property Group; Scientist, Polymer Science & Engineering Division, NCL.
  • PhD (MIT), B. Tech (IIT-B) (Chemical engineering, Polymers, Biomedical materials); Chevening Technology Enterprise Fellow (Cambridge/ London Business School)
Magesh Nandagopal
  • New product development in chemical/material sciences, Assessment, Valuation, portfolio management & marketing
  • Scientist, NCL Innovations
  • PhD (Polymer Science) & MBA (Finance & Operations), University of Connecticut
Vinita Panchanadikar
  • Biotechnology R&D, technology development, project management, lab development
  • Scientist, NCL Innovations; Previously, Project Leader for Biotech projects at NCL and RRL-Bhubaneshwar.
  • PhD (Microbiology); PGDIPR (NALSAR)
A D Kulkarni
  • Intellectual property, Patents, Law/contracts/ agreements
  • Legal Counsel and Mentor, IP Group, NCL; Previously, IPR Coordinator, NCL.
  • Lawyer and Patent Agent. Basic training in Chemistry.
Nitin Shukla Tewari
  • Patent drafting & prosecution, IP portfolio planning, management and value addition
  • Scientist, IP Group / NCL Innovations
  • PhD (Biomed Research), WoS-C fellow of DST, Patent Agent