In-vitro Bone Marrow Niche Platform and Pre-clinical Screening Kit

An artificial bone marrow microenvironment (ABME) platform for enhancing and regulating in-vitro as well as in vivo formation of stem cells has been created by scientist at NCCS, Pune. This technology can be incorporated into high throughput and micro-fluidic devices for drug screening and in-vitro toxicology testing. Unlike CFU based toxicity assays which only quantify the number of progenitor cells, the ABME technology can determine the quality and potency of stem cells. It can also detect toxic effects of test molecules on very primitive stem cells, which are responsible for production of all cellular blood components and lineage of cells in the body. Further, this patented technology can also be used as a platform for rapid quality control testing of human cord blood cells in umbilical cord blood (UCB) banking for progressive quality monitoring of cryopreserved stem cells.

Figure 1: Infusion of ABME helps in enhanced formation of stem cell pool

Currently this technology is at lab-scale, with safety in animals established and many in-vitro studies verifying the claimed potential of the ABME platform technology have been conducted. This technology is ready for further development for use in clinical settings for various state-of-the art therapeutic applications including:

  • Stimulation of endogenous stem cell pool in bone marrow failure syndromes;
  • Accelerating engraftment of stem cells in Stem Cell & Bone Marrow Transplant therapies;
  • Rejuvenative therapy for aging stem cells and tissues,
  • Regenerative Medicine; and
  • Identification of bone marrow niche defects in various disorders.

Technology Readiness: TRL B2 (In-vitro + In-vivo efficacy/ results demonstrated)

Technology Status: PCT filed, Patented in Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel and China; and Granted in India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and ARIPO.

Technology Availability: Know-how Available for transfer/ co-development with partners.


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