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International Linkages and Networks

The Venture Center interacts regularly with international groups promoting/ supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and technology. These interactions help us learn/share best practices and also develop international networks to support our technology commercialization and business incubation efforts.

Some of the groups we have recently interacted or collaborated with include:

(27 Sep 2014) One - Day Mini Workshop on Mass Spectrometry for Chemists New

(25 Sep 2014) Publicly Funded Research Institutions and the Legacy of Sir Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar New

(20 Sep 2014) Intensive Workshop on Fundamentals of X-ray Diffraction (XRD) New

(20 Sep 2014) Meetup with Pune Entrepreneurs Business Help Network New

(19 Sep 2014) Gopal Krishna Gokhale "Political Guru to Gandhi" New

(18 Sep 2014) Half Day Program of Pune Inventors Network (PIN) on " Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): The System for Worldwide Filing of Patent Applications"

(17 Sep 2014) Meet the Investor 17th Talk on "Funding through Blume Venture"

(13,20,27 Sep 2014) Business and Finance for Kids

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  • In the news

(11 Sep 2014: Sakal and ToI and I.E , Pune) Workshop on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in India New

(1 Sep 2014: Sakal, ToI and I.E , Pune) Workshop on Addressing Genetic Anomalies in Indian Infants

(16 July 2014, ET) Venture Center helping Gujarat plan and implement BioIncubator

(3rd March 2014: I.E Mumbai and Pune, Statesman Kolkatta, HT Delhi)Notice inviting tender.

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  • Announcements

(15 Aug 2014)BIRAC Announce Second Call of SPARSH on Healthy Mother Healthy Child New

(1 Aug 2014)BIRAC Announces 6th Call for Proposals under Contract Research and Services Scheme (CRSS) New

(July 2014)Announcement of Bioincubator services in Biospectrum New

(1 July 2014)BIRAC announces 5th call for proposals under BIG