About ProWaste: 

Pro Waste Concepts Pvt. Ltd., is a for-profit social enterprise founded in 2013 which aims to address the critical issue of waste management. It proposes a holistic approach towards a decentralized smart integrated solid waste management system which is eco- friendly, financially viable and sustainable. Implementation of solid waste management requires a robust infrastructure, which involves segregation at source, reduction, collection, safe treatment, recycling and disposal of all categories of waste  (Source:

SIIP Team with Mrs. Nupur Tandon, Founder ProWaste


Nupur who earlier worked in French Embassy wanted to bring a change in the society and started looking into waste management in 2010 when she came to Bangalore. She initially started with volunteering and decided to start her own venture in 2013.

At present, her clients are educational institutes like JNCASR, IIT Gandhinagar etc. Her company gives consulting advice on effective waste management, waste segregation, creating standard operating procedures, creating zero waste zones, conducting waste audits and waste awareness & training programmes. ProWaste handles all types of wastes including biomedical and E-waste. They have tie-ups with recyclers, and service providers which ensure that the waste generated is handled safely from source to end.

She says, ” Waste is not to be thrown but to given”.

About the Author: Shubham Singh is presently working as the BIRAC Social Innovator at Venture Center, Pune.